American Iron 24/7 Gym
Our Mission

We are a 24/7 gym to blockade the excuse of not having time to workout. Is your health something worth losing or depressing because of an intangible object such as time? We want to offer the community a stepping stone to becoming the best version of yourselves.

As the gym develops and we gain more members we plan to bring more than just a gym to the table, we want to hit every aspect of health and wellness as possible. This includes nutrition, training, and personal development. If you tell yourself you can't then you won't, but if you envision yourself progressing you will. Get up and come to the gym, see the changes and make the changes.

Mainly, our idea is to develop a place where you have the resources to make yourself stronger and an atmosphere where you believe you can achieve EVERYTHING you are going after.

What We Offer

Cardio Equipment: 3 Treadmills, 1 Elliptical, 1 Stair Climber, 1 Upright Bike

Strength Equipment: 2 Flat Benches, 1 Incline Bench, 2 Squat Racks, 1 Smith Machine, Selectorize Machines, GHR, Leg Press, Cable Machine, 2 Leg Curls, 2 Leg Extensions, Lat Pull-down, 4 Free Standing Benches, and Dumbbells

Personal Training

Nutrition Plans

What We Live For 
Membership Pricing

Day Pass $5.00
Single Month $35.00
Family Month $35.00 +$10.00 for each additional member
1 Year $200.00
Family 1 Year $200.00 + $75.00 for each additional member

Nutrition Plans $35.00

Personal Training $15.00/hour
Things To Come In The Future

Cable TV and Internet/Wi-Fi​​

Nutrition Bar: Pre-made Protein Drinks, Energy Drinks, Sports Drinks, Bottled Water, *Custom Protein Drinks*, ​Home-made Protein Cupcakes, and MUCH MORE!!

Crossfit Outside

Sandpit Training Equipment

Nutrition & Training Classes​​​​​​

Custom Designed and Printed Clothing​
          ***January Promotion****

Refer a NEW member and receive a 1 month membership free!!

Spread the word and reap the benefits, the more we get the more we can offer!!

Help us make this place appeal to the masses and allow you to train for any type of activity you want!!​​

For more information call:
Amyelia Gaudio 1-304-957-2949
Aj Klein 1-304-312-9546

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